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Revealing God’s love in Asia by caring for orphans, providing education, and starting churches.


2/3 of Asia doesn’t know Jesus yet.

Asia has the highest population density on our planet, as well as the largest percentage of people who have not heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When we, God’s people, don’t preach the Gospel and care for orphans and the poor, we miss participating in an important part of God’s plans on the Earth. You can help make a difference.

You help us bring the love of Christ to the people of Asia.

Every donation goes to…

Children's Homes

Over 180 kids in 12 orphanages.

Planting Churches

In hard-to-reach areas.

Bible Schools

To raise up local ministers.

Building Churches & Schools

Creating the physical structures for people to learn, play, and grow.

Short Term Missions

Reaching countries in the 10/40 Window.

Mission Schools

For those who want to become missionaries.

Your support funds the Gospel in action.

Jesus’ Great Commission inspires us. Started by a family of ministers from Ukraine, The Way of Mercy’s work began in 2007 in India. We now have orphanages, a Christian general education school, churches, and more. These ministries are planted in India, Nepal, and Myanmar. We organize short term ministry trips throughout Asia and prepare ministers for short and long term missions.

You can help make future plans a beautiful reality. These plans include expanding the ministry to other countries in Asia: Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Thailand, Bhutan and the Tibetan region. We will be opening churches, orphanages, building Christian schools and organizing a rehabilitation ministry.

Pastor Vadim Kovzhun is the coordinator and spiritual leader of The Way of Mercy.

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